Our solutions

Agility Connect

Agility’s proprietary web-based application platform providing consolidation and customised data solutions.


Integrate your systems and unlock valuable client data.

Technology partners

Our strong commercial partnerships provide you with innovative solutions for your business and your clients.

Managed technology

‘The Grid’ cloud platform provides connectivity to third-party services and data sources.

Cyber resilience

Access our Cyber Resilience services for data security and maintenance.

Agility Connect

Connect is Agility’s proprietary web-based application platform. Through Connect, Agility provides customised data solutions for our clients, consolidating your client data in a way that best suits your unique requirements.

With more than 80 dedicated applications developed for the financial services industry on open architecture, the Connect platform is designed for optimal efficiency and secure, seamless integration.

Connect, as well as its integrated third-party products, are supported by Agility’s Development Services team, based in Australia.

Choose from one of our dedicated Connect apps to support your…

Client relationship management

Streamline & integrate your CRM tools.

Business integration

Securely integrate data across business technology solutions.

Commissions management

Automate your commission workflow and streamline payments to brokers and advisers.

Client onboarding

Onboard your clients to multiple systems with just one data entry point, and client data from your current systems to support the account opening process.


Reduce your compliance burden with automated KYC (‘Know Your Client’), fact find and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) tools.


Streamline your reporting by choosing from over 1,000 existing report templates or have customised reports created to suit your individual business needs.

Our applications can be customised to meet your business needs.

To find out how Agility can help you streamline your business…

Managed technology

Agility’s private cloud platform (‘the Grid’) is comprised of data centers that house the servers, databases, applications and reporting services that are the collective framework of Agility’s proprietary web-based application platform, Connect.

Providing connectivity to third-party services and data sources, the Grid has data centres in the key capital market centres of Sydney (Global Switch) and Melbourne (NEXTDC). Each data centre provider is a Tier 3 data centre, providing one of the highest levels of availability and security.

The close proximity of hosted services to the majority of the capital markets community enables us to provide exemplary service, by bringing services closer to our clients.

Grid services include:

  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Managed Services
  • Capital markets solutions, including connectivity to ASX, CHI-X, IRESS
  • Bespoke solutions

Cyber resilience

One of our strengths is managing and maintaining your data on your behalf and we know your data is critical to your decision making, measurement and operations.  Agility’s Cyber Resilience services are built on our comprehensive understanding of the value of your data as an asset.