About Agility Applications

Agility Applications was established in 2007 when the team created a stand-alone billing application that solved a critical business challenge for their clients.

Leveraging their deep knowledge of the financial sector and its inherent challenges the business has grown and developed more than 80 apps and technology solutions which are delivered to over 175 financial services groups across Australia.

Our history  


Agility established

February 2007 – June 2007

Business established as Agility Applications incorporated on 22 Feb 2007. Secured initial software development contracts to develop stand-alone billing app and trade capture and reporting app for Sydney and Melbourne clients.


Australian Reporting Systems acquisition

July 2007 – June 2008

ARS contract executed with subsequent migration of clients and products over to Agility.


First Sydney staff hired

April 2009 – November 2009

Secured IT design contract and subsequently whole of business IT support contract for Sydney based third-party clearer.
First Sydney staff hired.



December 2009 – September 2010

Octopus started as a hosted data warehouse and business reporting service – first major contract with Brisbane broker for 100 users.
This subsequently led to the rebranding of Octopus and associated frameworks to what is now known as Connect.




Expanded data centre footprint for Agility CONNECT. Commenced development of CONNECT web apps with 200-300 subscribed users across 50 groups. Secured first software vendor client utilising Agility CONNECT PIMS solution.
Moved Sydney office to 139 Macquarie St.


Agility enters adviser desktop space

January 2012 – June 2012

Agility develops suite of applications and services that make Connect the CRM desktop for the adviser – resulting in 300+ uplift in Connect subscriptions.

Expand capital markets infrastructure services business

September 2012

Whole of business IT support contract for Melbourne broker secured after establishing service delivery credentials via Agility Connect platform.
First Melbourne staff hired.
Establish data centre footprint at NextDC in Melbourne.


Adviser Tools – CASHMAN

May 2013 – Nov 2013

CASHMAN web app developed as a dedicated adviser desktop tool to allow advisers to proactively track clients with free cash.
Successful completion of the CASHMAN web app results in an uplift in licenced Connect users.

CONNECT DOCS goes live

August 2013

Connect Docs – enhanced Connect environment that is now capable of storing physical documents in SQL Server infrastructure.

Development of desktop widget proof of concept to prove out new data push model.
Agility engages with specialist mobile device developers to fund proof of concept management reporting app. Proof of concept involves the design and establishment of secure open internet infrastructure architectures.


Agility secures first buy side client

August 2014

Agility secures whole of IT support contract for first buy-side client – establishes an anchor client in fund management space.
Agility establishes a joint venture with two clients to develop a suite of tools that manages the processes underpinning corporate raisings.


September 2014

Agility completely rebuilds UI of core CRM app in Connect – DART

Agility commits to scholarship programme with University of Queensland

Established “Agility Applications Regional Queensland ICT Scholarship” with University of Queensland over 5 years.


University of Queensland Scholarship

August, 2015

Agility accepts first scholarship student from the University of Queensland to undergo work experience in Brisbane office.


Relocating Head Office

March, 2016

Agility moves head office to Brunswick Street, New Farm.

HUB24 Agreement

November, 2016

HUB24 Ltd announces that it has executed a binding agreement to acquire 100% of Agility


New Projects

January, 2017

HUB24 Ltd completes its acquisition of Agility Applications Pty Ltd

Commenced project to create an Agility/HUB24 combined desktop solution


Brand refresh

Agility refreshes its brand and launches the new website.

New product launches

Onboard, Know, Qrunch and Raise are released.

Technology partnerships

Enters into partnerships with Google Cloud Platform, Apigee and DocuSign.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Agility commences development of machine learning (ML) solutions.

Our people

Paul Biggs

Paul Biggs

Group CIO, HUB24 Limited

Paul has more than 23 years’ experience in the IT industry, with a heavy emphasis on financial services. In addition to co-founding Agility in 2007, he has held various senior management and technical roles during his career that have given him first-hand knowledge of the intricacies and practical requirements of developing technology solutions for business applications.

Paul is an experienced leader tasked with delivering operational efficiency against a strong customer and commercial focus. A firm believer in promoting a good work-life balance, Paul is passionate about staff development, the result being a culture across the Group that is engaging and highly effective at delivering quality products and services for clients.

Leading change has been a key element in his career, identifying and managing change initiatives as applied to operational and management processes in alignment with the strategic direction and goals.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from the University of Queensland.

Craig Apps

Craig Apps


Craig is a technologist at heart, and has always been interested in the interplay between people, technology and business solutions. Throughout his career he has had a strong customer focus and, with Agility co-founder Paul Biggs, has championed a ‘never say never’ approach to taking on challenging projects and finding ways to deliver quality products.

To that end, Craig has promoted a classic technology company culture at Agility, one that is casual and creative, yet still strongly focused on customer outcomes, tackling ambitious deadlines, and always meeting the stringent regulatory and governance requirements of the financial services sector. He is proud of the way that the Agility has grown over the years, promoting from within, and developing a close-knit and supportive working environment.

His extensive experience includes both the establishment and running of Agility over the past 10 years, and being a member of the executive team at GBST for the six years before that, all as part of his more than 24 years of experience in capital markets technology solutions.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Science, major computer science, from The University of Queensland, and is a Fellow of the Financial services Institute of Australia.

Eric Klawitter

Eric Klawitter

Head of Development Services

Eric’s core purpose at Agility is clear: “to build the team that will produce the solutions that delight our customers.” He is proud to look after the Software Engineers, Business Analysts and Support Team who provide solutions and services to Agility’s clients, and relishes working in an environment that’s all about the technology.

His extensive background in both managing development teams and as a technical consultant, including a large amount of international work, enables him to provide Agility with a wide-ranging perspective as it develops further as a company. Customer satisfaction being key, he is always mindful of the person who’s going to be sitting at a keyboard using Agility’s technology products day-to-day.

In addition to fostering customer loyalty, Eric enjoys the process of seeing people grow in their roles, and he is an active supporter of Agility’s focus on internal growth and development among members of the team. Eric holds a Bachelor of Computer Science with Postgraduate Honours from the University of Queensland.

Warwick Smith

Warwick Smith

Head of Information and Communication Technology

Warwick has over 25 years of experience in various industry sectors, with a particular focus on Financial Services and roles in national and regional (APAC) management. With a proven record in transforming technology services to enable strategic business outcomes, and diverse experience in IT services, project management, consulting and change management, he is driven by the desire to make a difference in organisations and to produce meaningful change.

In his current ICT role, his active focus will be attending both to the technology needs of Agility and its clients, and to the considerable legal, governance and regulatory compliance requirements of the financial services sector. He is keenly aware, too, that Agility’s ongoing expansion, entry into new markets, and development of new technology solutions will significantly broaden its horizons and represent new technology challenges to be managed.

Warwick is Certified PMP proficient, and is also certified in a range of Program and Project Management frameworks (MSP, PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile). He is well versed in Cloud Infrastructure and Managed End User Computing Environments, and has extensive knowledge of both established and emerging technologies, as well as all commercial and operational aspects of medium-to-large enterprise IT environments, including IT Governance and Service Management.

Kelie Phillips

Kelie Phillips

Head of Product

Since joining the Agility team in 2018, Kelie has hit the ground running, embracing the diversity of her role and naturally aligning with Agility’s core philosophy of doing ‘whatever it takes’ to get the job done. She loves the company’s innovative feel, as well as the work of developing products that provide tangible solutions for real client problems.

Kelie brings a sense of drive and urgency to the Agility team, with a relentless focus on achievement, user experience and client outcomes in taking products from inception to launch. In addition, the team relies on her ability to develop and adhere to strategic plans, and to meet the stringent governance and regulatory requirements of the financial services sector.

With more than a decade of customer experience-focused roles, Kelie’s background includes exposure to a diverse range of industries, including NGOs, engineering, NFPs, the public sector and Defence.

A self-taught developer certified in ITIL, Agile, Scrum and Six Sigma, Kelie is broadening her skill set with an MBA from Southern Cross University.

Sandie Sokoll

Sandie Sokoll

Financial Controller

Sandie works closely with Agility’s senior management team and the Group Finance Team at HUB24, both of which have come to rely on her patient professionalism and steady hand at the wheel of Agility’s finance department. Her work in quietly and conscientiously tracking, reporting and forecasting finances has given the department the information it needs to manage Agility’s considerable expansion and growth.

She values the family-friendly atmosphere of Agility, as well as its work-life balance philosophy, and believes these aspects have helped the company to smoothly manage a threefold increase in staff numbers since 2011. A highly accessible and approachable leadership team and a culture of open communication have also helped to develop and maintain a large proportion of long-serving staff members, making for valuable continuity and a real community feel.

Sandie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, and is a certified Chartered Accountant.

David Maynard

David Maynard

Head of Cyber Resilience

David’s career spans over 20 years in financial services and capital markets sector technology roles. In his current role at Agility, his core focus is on security, offering trusted guidance and assistance in the vital task of safeguarding critical organisational processes and information assets.

In this capacity he is tasked with providing assurance that mandated policies, processes and controls are properly implemented and followed. He particularly enjoys the learning and hands-on aspects of his role, as he must actively keep abreast of new trends and track potential developing threats to provide the most up-to-date and effective advice possible.

David is a Certified Information Security Manager and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing from the Queensland University of Technology.

Rob Forbes

Rob Forbes

Head of Business Development

The newest member of Agility’s team has known the company’s founders for well over a decade, and is excited to help build their ongoing vision for the company and its customers as it enters a bold new phase.

With over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Rob is ideally placed to offer a fresh perspective on Agility’s operations, from realities on the customer side of the business, to the company’s focus as a developer of technology solutions. He sees his role as helping to enhance the product suite and to get it into the hands of clients it will benefit most.

Rob’s background includes roles from manager to Director, COO, and CEO, including senior positions at Pershing Securities Australia, Penson Financial Services, Merrill Lynch Australia and Deutsche Bank Australia.  Rob holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney.

Sue Bray

Sue Bray

Head of Client Services

Sue has over 25 years of experience in Capital Markets technology including business analysis, operational processing and transaction management. She has been with Agility since 2009 and is responsible for supervising delivery of all contractual applications and services.

Agility clients will already know Sue through her ongoing work in the Client Services team. What Sue likes best about her job is applying her extensive experience in business analysis to improve operational efficiency and productivity, ensuring that manual, repeatable processes are automated so that staff spend their time on value-add work.

She also has a strong interest in the people behind the processes, and actively develops others both inside the business and in the wider community.

In her career, she has trained and mentored staff to better understand the mechanics of financial markets and the business aspects of financial services. For several years, Sue has acted as a team mentor in the “Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero” competition, in which she relishes the opportunity to encourage girls from years 7 and 8 to consider careers in the IT industry. This is part of her wider goal of ensuring that women take up more job opportunities in the technology sector.

Sue holds an Honours degree in IT and a Graduate Diploma in Education, both from the University of Queensland, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Agility Applications Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HUB24 Limited (ASX: HUB).