Agility Applications provide applications, technology products, and services to the capital markets industry. We enhance, streamline and automate organisation’s existing work practices to improve the appeal of their core products and boost performance.


CONNECT is Agility’s proprietary application platform. It allows organisations to make business processes more efficient and enrich data capacity. All CONNECT applications are fully integrated with reports and external integration partners. CONNECT applications include:

  •   ■   portfolio summary and update
  •   ■   brokerage schedules and demographics
  •   ■   portfolio reporting
  •   ■   margin lending interfaces
  •   ■   customer onboarding
  •   ■   customer relationship management
  •   ■   capital raising and commission management
Account and Portfolio Management
Advisor Management and Utilities
Order and Securities Management and Reporting Tools
Middle Office, Operational Functions and Integrations


Our software development approach is based around “agile” practices. This approach emphasizes prototyping and rapid, iterative build cycles rather than extensive documentation, long development cycles, and single end project deliverables.


Agility has extensive experience in capital markets technologies; in particular, Cash Equities and Exchange Traded Options processing both in Australia and offshore.

Agility can provide consulting services across a wide range of functions such as ASX required audits of BCP and recovery solutions, Corporate Actions processing as well as consulting on Bookings, Settlement and FX processing.

We will advise you in developing your technology solution, and support you throughout the entire transaction life-cycle.


Information stored in financial systems can have a profound impact on an organisation’s ability to enhance existing business practices.

Agility builds a suite of customised reports tailored to your exact requirements using the live data that resides in your back-end systems. This wealth of information allows a business to become more proactive towards customers, tailor marketing strategies and respond to changes in the regulatory environment.


Agility provides support for 3rd party products and “in-house” developed applications. Our tiered product support models allow us to tailor solutions based on the style of application and the level of commitment you need.

Additionally, by providing the expertise necessary to manage and maintain “in-house” developed applications, Agility can ensure their relevance is maintained from both a business and technological perspective.


Agility Applications provides consulting, business analysis, software development and cyber resilience services that enables organisations to enhance, streamline and automate their existing work practices with the aim of improving the overall appeal of their core products and enhancing their performance.
Our purpose is to assist our clients to maximise the return on their IT investment while enhancing their overall value proposition in the market-place through the development of intelligent software solutions that streamline business processes and reduce cost.
Agility Applications is an IT Services company created to provide organisations with a viable, realistic alternative for the development of applications.

Agility Applications Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the industry leading investment and superannuation platform provider HUB24 Limited (ASX: HUB).

Agile Products and Services

Agility provides a range of in-house and third-party products and services for the Financial Services industry. From Compliance and Data Warehouse applications through to customised reporting and product support services.

Agile Development Services

Our software development methodology is based around “agile” practices. This methodology places a heavy emphasis on prototyping and rapid, iterative build cycles rather than extensive documentation with long development cycles and single end of project deliverables. Some of the benefits realised by adopting this style of development include:

  • ■   Customer satisfaction via swift, continuous delivery of useful software
  • ■   Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)
  • ■   Working software is the principal measure of progress
  • ■   Cooperation between the business defining the requirements and the people developing the solution
  • ■   Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
  • ■   Regular and efficient adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • ■   Technology designed for specific business needs, time or budget constraints or existing infrastructure.

Agility Clients

Agility now delivers technology products and services to more than 175 groups Australia-wide and has a direct license relationship with approximately 70 groups. The rest access Agility CONNECT framework via wholesale master licenses made available to a number of clearing groups. CONNECT now has 1500 unique users across the 140 groups enabled.


  1. Agility Established

    February 2007 - June 2007

    Business established as Agility Applications incorporated on 22 Feb 2007. Secured initial software development contracts to develop stand-alone billing app and trade capture and reporting app for Sydney and Melbourne clients.

  2. Australian Reporting Systems Acquisition

    July 2007 – June 2008

    ARS contract executed with subsequent migration of clients and products over to Agility.

  3. First Sydney Staff Hired

    April 2009 – November 2009

    Secured IT design contract and subsequently whole of business IT support contract for Sydney based third-party clearer.
    First Sydney staff hired.

  4. Octopus

    December 2009 – September 2010

    Octopus started as a hosted data warehouse and business reporting service – first major contract with Brisbane broker for 100 users.
    This subsequently led to the rebranding of Octopus and associated frameworks to what is now known as CONNECT.



    Expanded data centre footprint for Agility CONNECT. Commenced development of CONNECT web apps wwith 200-300 subscribed users across 50 groups. Secured first software vendor client utilising Agility CONNECT PIMS solution.
    Moved Sydney office to 139 Macquarie St.

  6. Agility enters advisor desktop space

    January 2012 – June 2012

    Agility develops suite of applications and services that make CONNECT the CRM desktop for the advisor – resulting in 300+ uplift in CONNECT subscriptions.

    Expand capital markets infrastructure services business

    September 2012

    Whole of business IT support contract for Melbourne broker secured after establishing service delivery credentials via Agility CONNECT platform.
    First Melbourne staff hired.
    Establish data centre footprint at NextDC in Melbourne.

  7. Advisor Tools – CASHMAN

    May 2013 – Nov 2013

    CASHMAN web app developed as a dedicated advisor desktop tool to allow advisors to proactively track clients with free cash.
    Successful completion of the CASHMAN web app results in an uplift in licenced CONNECT users.

    CONNECT DOCS goes live

    August 2013

    CONNECT Docs - enhanced CONNECT environment that is now capable of storing physical documents in SQL Server infrastructure.

    Agility Head Office Move

    Sep 2013

    CONNECT Docs - enhanced CONNECT environment that is now capable of storing physical documents in SQL Server infrastructure.
    Development of desktop widget proof of concept to prove out new data push model.
    Agility engages with specialist mobile device developers to fund proof of concept management reporting app. Proof of concept involves the design and establishment of secure open internet infrastructure architectures.

  8. Agility secures first buy side client

    August 2014

    Agility secures whole of IT support contract for first buy-side client - establishes an anchor client in fund management space.
    Agility establishes a joint venture with two clients to develop a suite of tools that manages the processes underpinning corporate raisings.

    New DART

    September 2014

    Agility completely rebuilds UI of core CRM app in CONNECT - DART

    Agility commits to scholarship programme with University of Queensland

    Established “Agility Applications Regional Queensland ICT Scholarship” with University of Queensland over 5 years.

  9. University of Queensland Scholarship

    August, 2015

    Agility accepts first scholarship student from the University of Queensland to undergo work experience in Brisbane office.

  10. Relocating Head Office

    March, 2016

    Agility moves head office to Brunswick Street, Newstead.

    November, 2016

    HUB24 Ltd announces that it has executed a binding agreement to acquire 100% of Agility

  11. New Projects

    January, 2016

    HUB24 Ltd completes its acquisition of Agility Applications Pty Ltd

    Commenced project to create an Agility/HUB24 combined desktop solution

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